About Us

There was a time in late summer 2014, when – during one of the many Oktoberfests in Tokyo – our guitarist was listening to the familar sounds of a band flown in from Germany, wondering why there was no German Oktoberfest band settled in Japan. Hence, an idea was born – and shortly after, enough friends were gathered to start playing authentic German music. Ever since, we are meeting regularly to further improve and increase our set list to play at various Oktoberfests/ other events in Japan.
Finally, in the beginning of 2015, ‘Dokumen – Tokioter Stadtkapelle’ was officially named by the five founding members Shunsuke, Sabrina, Sadjad, Manuel and Heike – three (South) Germans, one Austrian and one Japanese living in Tokyo.

Akkordeon and Vocals


Base and Vocals




Guitar and Vocals


Piano and Vocals